Authors: Nico M. Franz, M. Lourdes Chamorro, David Fleming, Sangmi Lee, Gregory P. Setliff & Charles W. O'Brien; with support from ASUHIC members.
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Locality: North America (Canada, United States of America)

An emerging resource for occurrence information, habitus photographs, legacy descriptions, and interactive identification keys for 3300 North American weevil species (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea), lead by the ASUHIC group (NMF) and the USDA-SEL (MLC). The majority of specimens stem from the Charles W. O'Brien (CWOB) weevil collection, and Dr. O'Brien's vast and generous contributions to this effort are hereby kindly acknowledged. We also acknowledge support from the United States Department of Agriculture.

Notes: Active since June, 2012

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Families: 13
Genera: 392
Species: 1296 (species rank)
Total Taxa: 1322 (including subsp. and var.)

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