Eremobates putnamii (Banks, 1898)
Notes: valid
Family: Eremobatidae
not available
Type Material

Type: "Male and young female cotypes from San José del Cabo, October, no further data, in the Museum of Comparative Zoölogy" (Muma, 1951, p. 79).

Chelicerae Description: "Structure similar to that of E. pallipes (Say) except the anterior tooth is an indistinct ridge, the mesal groove of fixed finger is enlarged at base into an ovate depression" (Muma, 1951, p. 79).

Ctenidia Description: "there are five (one spurious and three broken off) flattened, scimitar-like ctenidia on the first post-spiracular abdominal sternite" (Muma, 1951, p. 79).

Remarks: "Although this species seems to belong in the pallipes (Say) group of this genus, it is strikingly different in the dentition of the movable finger of the chelicerae, coloration of the malleoli and spines, and in the development of the abdominal ctenidia. When additional material is available it may prove to belong to a separate group of the genus Eremobates" (Muma, 1951, p. 79).