Eremobates californicus (Simon, 1879)
Notes: valid
Family: Eremobatidae
not available
Type Material

Holotype: "Female type, No. 9133, from Mariposa, California (J. Thevenet), in the Simon collection in the Paris Museum" (Muma, 1951, p. 76).

Chelicerae Description: "fondal notch is not so wide, or at most is just as wide, as the base of the fixed finger, and the fixed finger is often curved upward, sometimes strongly so. Some specimens have one or more denticules on the lower margin of the fixed finger" (Muma, 1951, p. 76).

Ctenidia Description: "Structure similar to that of pallipes except that there are two ctenidia on the first posts spiracular abdominal sternite; two specimens examined had no abdominal ctenidia" (Muma, 1951, p. 76).

Palpi Description: "the metatarsus of the palpus is provided with a scopula of 50 to 100 papillae" (Muma, 1951, p. 76).

Operculum Description: "Figure 117 shows the opercula of the genital segment" (Muma, 1951, p. 76).