Eremobates tejonus Chamberlin, 1925
Notes: valid
Family: Eremobatidae
not available

Type Material


            Holotype: “Male type from stomach of Bufo sp. Taken at Ft. Tejon, California, (no further data), in MCZ” (Muma & Brookhart, 1988, p. 33).




            Palpal Description: “scopula plus or minus 100 papillae on palpal metatarsus” (Muma & Brookhart, 1988, p. 34).


            Ctenidia Description: “2 long flattened ctenidia on first post-stigmatic abdominal sternite (fig. 106)” (Muma & Brookhart, 1988, p. 34).


            Chelicerae Description: “More data are needed than that from type. Species presently distinguished by fondal notch only ½ as wide as width of base fixed cheliceral finger and 1 ½ times deeper than wide (fig. 105)” (Muma & Brookhart, 1988, p. 33-34).




Other Information: