Eremobates spissus Muma & Brookhart 1988
Notes: valid
Family: Eremobatidae
not available

Type Material


            Holotype: “Male holotype from Frank Raines County Park, 12 mi. west of Patterson, Stanislaus County, California, E. 1200’, March 21, 1970, S. C. Williams and others, deposited in the CAS. Female allotype and female paratype under cow dung from 7 miles west of Westley, Stanislaus County, California, June 19, 1975, M. H. Muma and J. O. Brookhart, deposited in FSCA” (Muma & Brookhart, 1988, p. 37).


            Measurements: “Males (3) CP varying from 6.5-9.8 (mean 8.1); A/CP varying from 6.4-6.5 (mean 6.5); fondal notch ratio 0.8” (Muma & Brookhart, 1988, p. 38).

“Females, allotype and paratype, CP 9.0; legs short, A/CP varies from 5.0-5.2 (mean 5.1)” (Muma & Brookhart, 1988, p. 38).


            Palpal Description: “number of palpal papillae varies from 10-59 (mean 36)” (Muma & Brookhart, 1988, p. 38).


            Ctenidia Description: “number of abdominal ctenidia varying from 5-8 (mean 6.3)” (Muma & Brookhart, 1988, p. 38).


            Operculum Description: “Females distinguished by opercula 1.5 times wider than long, with elongate, broad, anterior opercular lobes and moderate sized posterior opercular notches [occupying 27-28% (mean 27.5) (fig. 136)] with undulate lateral margins” (Muma & Brookhart, 1988, p. 38).


            Chelicerae Description: “Holotype distinguished by moderate sized blade-like rounded dorsal process on fixed cheliceral finger; fondal notch distinctly narrower than base of fixed cheliceral finger and slightly wider than long; indistinct mesal tooth, abruptly rounded anterior process and distinct ventral notch in lateral view on movable cheliceral finger (fig. 131)” (Muma & Brookhart, 1988, p. 37).


Diagnosis: “The unusual female opercula distinguishes it from most other species of this series. However, the opercula of this species is very similar to those of gracilidens, a species of the kraepelini series, and inyoanus, a species of this series” (Muma & Brookhart, 1988, p. 38).


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