Eremobates nivis Muma and Brookhart, 1988
Notes: valid
Family: Eremobatidae
not available

Type Material


            Holotype: “Male holotype from Snowline Camp, Eldorado County, California, July 11, 1948, J. W. MacSwain, in AMNH” (Muma & Brookhart, 1988, p. 34).


            Measurements: “Holotype CP 7.8; A/CP 6.8; fondal notch ratio 0.7” (Muma & Brookhart, 1988, p. 34).


            Palpal Description: “76-97 papillae in basal scopula of palpal metatarsi” (Muma & Brookhart, 1988, p. 34).


            Ctenidia Description: “6 long abdominal ctenidia” (Muma & Brookhart, 1988, p. 34).


            Chelicerae Description: “Male distinguished by moderate sized, blade-like dorsal process on fixed cheliceral finger; fondal notch much narrower than base of fixed cheliceral finger and slightly wider than long; blade-like anterior process peaks in distal ¼ of fondal notch, no discernable mesal tooth, and distinct ventral notch from a lateral view on movable cheliceral finger (fig. 107)” (Muma & Brookhart, 1988, p. 34).


Diagnosis: “Species similar in coloration and markings to vicinus, except it is darker” (Muma & Brookhart, 1988, p. 34).


Other Information: “This species varies in structure and coloration from all other California species of this series” (Muma & Brookhart, 1988, p. 34).