Eremobates marathoni Muma, 1951
Family: Eremobatidae
Eremobates marathoni image

Type Material


            Holotype: Male holotype and male paratype from Marathon, Texas, June 12, 1948 (M. A. Cazier), in the American Museum of Natural History” (Muma, 1951, p. 63).


            Measurements: Male holotype: Total length, 33.0 mm. Chelicerae, 8.8 mm length; 4.0 mm width. Propeltidium, 4.6 mm length; 6.5 mm width. Palpi, 28.0 mm. 1st Legs, 24.0 mm. 4th Legs, 36.0 mm. Paratype, measurements nearly identical with holotype.


Ctenidia Description: the two abdominal ctenidia are only slightly more robust than the setal clothing of the abdomen. This species is somewhat more robust than palpisetulosus” (Muma, 1951, p. 63).


            Chelicerae Description: Structure the same as in palpisetulosus except the anterior tooth of the movable finger of the chelicera is divided by a narrow notch” (Muma, 1951, p. 63).




Other Information: This species and E. palpisetulosus Fichter are very closely related. It is probable that the female of this species has been placed under palpisetulosus, where it must remain until further collections permit a correlation of the sexes” (Muma, 1951, p. 65).